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Product Questions

How often should I use the Rubi Skin Pen?

We recommend using the device around 3 times per week for a duration of 5-10 minutes. That’s enough time to heal and properly treat your face.

Is the Rubi Skin Pen safe to use on my skin?

Yes! It’s 100% safe. Extensive studies conducted by private research firms have shown that LED photo rejuvenation and infrared does not harm your body at all. The light waves emitted from the device are safe for any age, color, or skin type. Plus, its patented technology is FDA approved.

Are all Rubi Skin products FDA approved?

All products manufactured and produced by Rubi Skin undergo FDA approval to ensure 100% consumer safety.

Can I use the Rubi Skin Pen on other body parts besides the face & neck?

While we mostly recommend facial and neck use, you can use this device elsewhere if you like!

Does Rubi Skin sell any serum, creams, or lotions?

Not at the moment. However, in the near future, we are planning on dropping our line of natural serums, essential oils, and cleansers that are better than anything on the market.

Drop Questions

Do I have to wait until the drop to buy the Rubi Skin Pen?

Yes, we currently don’t have any in stock. Click here and you'll be taken to a page where you can leave your email. Once the drop arrives, we'll send you an email with a password to the password protected order page. Be sure to order yours ASAP, as we sell out very quickly.

Why are your products so high in demand?

When you make a facial treatment that actually works, it's hard to keep your products in stock! That’s why we get a ton of repeat customers and new customers who can’t wait to buy an item from our next drop.

Can I pre order your products?

We do not offer pre-orders at the moment. That wouldn’t be fair to the people who sign up for our next drop.

Shipping & Returns

Do you accept return of products bought through a drop?

We do not accept any returns on high-in-demand items. However, we do offer 1 year warranty on all products, therefore if you receive a damaged product we will be able to replace it. Please contact us at our support email for any questions regarding returns.

Is a warranty offered on Rubi Skin products?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on all Rubi Skin products, except serums, creams, and lotions.

What if my product comes damaged?

While this almost never happens, if you do receive a damaged Rubi Skin product in the mail, please contact us and we'll be sure to replace the item.

How long is shipping?

Items bought through a Rubi Skin drop may take anywhere from 5 - 15 days for you to receive depending on your region and product availability.

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